What Is the Music to Life Series?

     Back in 2013, I started a personal photography project that has become a body of work that I am incredibly proud of. It was a project that was meant to give me a forum to improve my technical skills in picture taking and post production work, and it was also a project that I was hoping would define me as a photographer and artist.

     I've always looked to music when I'm in need of inspiration, so I thought it would be awesome to start a project where I would interpret my favorite songs. My Music to Life Series was originally meant to be a tribute to my favorite band in the world, Pearl Jam, and it was going to be a short series of about 10 pieces. It has blossomed well beyond that and I've incorporated so many other bands and singers into my collection.

     I started the series by using my friends as models, and as my project got more and more attention, I started getting volunteers. I've gotten to work with some of the most amazing people, whose drive and passion even exceed my own. As a result of these collaborations, I have learned so much and have grown exponentially as an artist. Because of this, I don't see my series ever ending.