Wedding/Engagement Portrait Photographer

     Hi, my name is Jimmy Bui (like "buoy" that floats in the ocean)  and I'm wedding/engagement photographer based out of Southern California. Photography is my calling, well, to be honest, it's my second calling. I was an elementary school teacher (5th/6th grade) for about seven years, and after my last year I decided to make a career change. I dabbled in film production first before I found that my talents were better suited in photography. I paid my dues, learned the ropes, and became a professional in a couple of years. Like teaching, I approach my work in photography with the utmost devotion, while at the same time having as much fun as anyone can. Two of my favorite things to shoot are weddings and conceptual portraiture. The best thing about my job is being able to see an idea come to life after conceptualizing it in my head, and as for weddings,  I'm a romantic at heart, and being able to witness and capture two people on their most important day is absolutely amazing. 


  • Voted Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the U.S. by One Eyeland 2017
  • Voted Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the U.S. and Canada 2016 by SLR Lounge
  • 2016 Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award
  • 2015 Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award
  • 2014 Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award
  • 2014 Raw Artist Orange County Photographer of the Year


Random Things About Me:

Who is your favorite Band: Pearl Jam

What is your favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad

What do you like to do on your free time?  Enjoy the outdoors, spend time with my wife, and play with my dogs and cat

What is your biggest pet peeve? People who don't know the 'right of way' rules while driving

What is your least favorite movie? Batman and Robin

What kind of equipment do you use? All kinds - whatever will get the job done

Jobs you wanted to have when you were a kid? Astronaut, cop, chef, baseball player, rock star

Any interesting character traits? I get scared easy, I have ADD, and I sometimes sleep talk.

Married with children? Yes, I have the most amazing wife, and two beautiful girls. Everything that I do is for them.

Have you ever broken a bone? Nope, I'm invincible.