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November 18, 2013 Pendulum – Conceptual Photography by Jimmy Bui Posted In: Pearl Jam

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Music to Life Song of the Week: Pendulum by Pearl Jam

It’s no secret that my favorite band in the world is Pearl Jam. They have been creating music since the early nineties, and one of the best things I love about the band is that they are constantly growing and developing. Quite simply, they’re not rehashing the same music. Lightning Bolt, they latest album, is a stark contrast to their earlier work, and has been playing non stop in my car since it came out in 2013. My favorite song on the album is called “Pendulum”, and it’s eerie yet beautiful quality just hits the right notes for me. The moment I heard the song I knew exactly what kind of picture I wanted to do. The tough part is executing my ideas and I knew that it had to be a composite image.

ballet dancer on moon moving as pendulum under starry night conceptual fine art photography by jimmy bui

Conceptual Photography – How It Was Shot


This has 4 elements (the moon, the ballet dancer, the stars, and the lake) that were shot separately and then composited together in Photoshop. When I composited images together, the main thing that I do is apply a mask to each layer, and I basically use the brush tool to paint the parts that I do or do not want in the picture.

Play “Pendulum”

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Pendulum by Pearl Jam

Amber Brown

Canon 5D Mark III

Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art

Profoto D1


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